Frequently Asked Questions

What type of art do you do?

I’m a fine artist, which means I draw and paint on paper, canvas, wood, etc. My preferred mediums are charcoal or graphite pencil, colored pencil, oil paints, and watercolor paints. Due to the limitations of my work space and my disability, my pieces of art rarely exceed 11″ x 17″ whether paper or canvas. My preferred subjects are usually historical in nature and feature people, landscapes, and seascapes.

Can I buy one of the pieces of art from your gallery?

Regretfully, I cannot sell the original pieces that have already been posted in my gallery. Many of those pieces are already purchased, given as gifts, or stored in my collection for my portfolio. However, prints and other types of merchandise made from those originals are available. There will be original pieces specifically made for sale at a later date.

Where can I get prints?

Right now, the main place to buy merchandise of my art is at my RedBubble shop. There, you’ll find that I add new pieces on a regular basis. In the future, I will be opening an Etsy shop where I will sell original art, bookmarks, greeting cards, and other types of items.

Can I request a piece of custom art?

Yes. Go to my contact page and send me an inquiry there. We will arrange everything together with your satisfaction being the top priority. At this time I don’t offer sculptures, digital art, etc.

How much does original art cost?

I can’t place a set price on custom orders without knowing the perimeters of the customer’s needs. My fee is calculated through a basic formula. Cost of materials + labor ($12 per hour) + shipping and handling = final fee.

How long will it take to receive a piece of original art?

That also depends on the customer’s needs. Charcoal or graphite (black and white) requires the shortest amount of time, quickly followed by colored pencils. Oil painting takes the longest amount of time due to the nature of the work – it takes a long time for paint layers to dry. On average, I can finish an 11″ x 17″ drawing in about a week to ten days. Oil paintings can take two to three weeks at the same size. All of this depends on the state of my health as well.

Do you really do all of your art with your mouth?

Yes. There are numerous videos on my YouTube channel demonstrating this fact.

Why can’t you walk or use your hands?

I was born with a condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. That means I’m a quadriplegic because my joints are fused or very stiff. My joints are restricted by fibrous overgrowth of tissues resembling a buildup of hard calcium deposits. Since most of my joints are not functional, I can’t hold objects or walk. There is no cure.