Commission Requests

Did you know Jessica takes commissions aside from the ready-made prints available for purchase? If you’ve ever wanted a portrait of a loved one or maybe a drawing of a beloved childhood home, you’re in the right place. First you should have a look at the Gallery to see if Jessica’s art style suits your needs.

The first thing most potential clients want to know is how much it costs. Pricing art can seem astronomical to most people and scare them away, but it makes more sense after people see how artists arrive at their fees. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration before striking a deal with a client. Jessica uses a simple method for determining the cost of her art.

Materials + Size + Time and Labor + Shipping = Final Fee

That’s why Jessica can’t offer flat fees for commissioned art larger than 8 x 10 because the subjects and materials become much more complicated the larger a project grows. At the moment, Jessica does offer flat fees for a few basic choices that make it easier for new art buyers to choose something made just for them. Her flat fees listed below are based on previous experience with calculating the cost for these common pieces. Colored pencil drawings cost more than charcoal because they require more materials, time, and labor.

5 x 7 charcoal drawing – $50
8 x 10 charcoal drawing – $75

5 x 7 colored pencil drawing – $80
8 x 10 colored pencil drawing – $100

Oil paintings and watercolor paintings can be done as well but they require more attentive planning sessions with the client before the cost can be estimated. The same is true for charcoal or colored pencil drawings larger than 8 x 10.

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Please consider making a donation to help me keep up with the cost of art supplies, living expenses, equipment related to my disability, and so forth. The minimum is set at $10.00. Thank you for your generosity.